Sweet Potatoes


Always have sweet potatoes on hand!  If you don’t have any, go out and get a few sweet potatoes.

Wrap individually in foil and bake for hours at 425. The house will smell like autumn and you’ll be ready when you need a light meal, snack or a little something extra with your meal. Cooked like this, they need nothing else. They’ll be sweet, gooey & delicious. They fill you up, take care of the sweet tooth and provide all sorts of “good stuff” for your body.

Last night I made a salad of arugula, kale, 2 diced sweet potatoes (that were “on hand and ready”), 4 diced beets, 1/2 c raisins and 1/2 c dried roasted chick peas, handful of pumpkin seeds. Tossed with a tiny bit of toasted pumpkin seed oil and a few dashes of cardamom. I just ate the leftovers for lunch and I declare it – A Great Fall Salad!

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